You’re never too old for orthodontic treatment!

With developments in modern orthodontics, there are now a number of effective and discreet options for adults

Gone are the days of orthodontic treatment consisting of big, clunky metal bars and wires being on show for all to see. Recent surveys show an enormous rise in the rates of adults seeking orthodontic treatment, and with good reason. Orthodontic appliances are becoming less visible and more effective with advancements in both the techniques and materials used.

There is no longer one ‘be-all and end-all’ option to straightening your teeth. With a range of both fixed and removable options for patients, treatment can be more custom fitted to each individual’s circumstances.


Invisalign is an innovative method which uses a series of clear aligners to gradually straighten your smile over a reduced period of time. Invisalign uses 3D scanning technology to recreate a model of your teeth and jaw in order to customise your individual set of clear aligners. Invisalign also allows for orthodontic visits to be less frequent as it is easy for you to graduate to you next set of aligners at home.

The advantages of Invisalign include:

Virtually Invisible – Invisalign aligners are clear and are custom made to fit your teeth perfectly. This means that whilst wearing your aligners, your friends, family, and colleagues won’t be able to notice them.

Comfortable – Due to the lack of metal wires, brackets, or bars, Invisalign aligners are very comfortable to wear.

Removable – Invisalign aligners are completely removable which means you are able to remove them when eating or playing sport. This greatly reduces the risk of injury and breakage of the orthodontic appliance.

Incognito lingual aligners

Incognito lingual braces are much like traditional braces, except they are fitted to the back of your teeth, away from view. Incognito braces are ideal for those wishing to straighten their teeth quickly and effectively, without anyone being able to tell they’re wearing braces.

People who work in a profession which either prohibits braces, or where appearance is vital to their position will often opt for this treatment. State of the art CAD/CAM technology ensures your lingual braces are completely hidden from view.

The advantages of incognito braces include:

Invisible – Because they are bonded to the back of your teeth, they will be completely invisible.

Fixed – Because they are fixed, you do not have to worry about removing, or losing your braces.

Increased comfort – Due to the design of the incognito braces, the gold alloy brackets allow for greater comfort during treatment.

Adult orthodontics at Instyle

The expert team at Instyle Orthodontics are proud to offer a range of effective and discreet orthodontic options for adults. If you missed out on receiving orthodontic treatment as a child, it’s never too late for a straight smile.

If you’re considering orthodontics as an adult, take a look at our FREE Invisalign guide!

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